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World of Warcraft and security

Welcome! Today I would like to talk more about safety so check out my short article. Plenty people are wondering if the account authenticator is for real doing the job of keeping their accounts safe.

What is authenticator? It’s a key-fob device that grants you with a One Time Password (OTP) to enter in addition to your standard password, thus ensuring the user has something as well as knows anything. The problem with the account authenticator is that it can truly be hacked. There is no the great fire way to protect security forever. There are only steps you are able to take which will make hacking your account almost impossible. Remember, they are not infallible, so you still need to are obligated your laptop free of key-logging malware if you don’t wish to get hacked so get. As of right Blizzard Entertainment is doing a plan into action which will no longer make it possible for victims of hacked accounts to get their. This is scary as plenty cautious people have been hacked in the past. How awful would it be to have your account hacked, all of your Icecrown Citadel gear sold to a vendor, and then Blizzard easily offers you 2,500 gold and some frost emblems. My brother told me a lot about games and methods how to secure accounts and stuff like that. Large part of the time hackers is using tricks to get people to acquire keyloggers which is Lord of the Rings Online – great free game for everyone. If you simply avoid downloading unknown files to your computer you will be one step closer in keeping your, wow game cards. While taking common precautions for protecting machine against hackers is going to lesson your opportunities have compromising security, it is easily not enough – wow time cards are for almost everyone. Everyday are coming up with more and more ways to hack accounts. Major part world of warcraft players know about actual attacks just by playing the game and interacting with various people who may have had their account hacked. Being familiar about the new hacks is simply not enough now days it seems.

Looking through the internet for recent world of warcraft account hacks will help. Read up on these as much as possible as they switch daily. You will then want to know exactly how the invasion can be countered. If you are curious why I am telling you this, just copy the link and paste it into, wow game card. This means that, holders need to remain staying on their toes. Discovering the way hackers are breaking into an accounts is only part of the beginning steps in keeping your and account safe.

You should check out more into learning more about computer and internet security to be double sure your account is secure. So it’s one of the most interesting wow game card. There are some technical ways of stealing account, but firstly, simply check out logging in to your account like wow game card. World of Warcraft is maybe one of the best Does the link have funny characters or extra ones? The reason there is such a vicious striking on recently is because the cash to be gained by hacking just 1 account is fascinating. I’m playing also often in Warhammer Online, it’s one of the coolest game I ever saw.

If you don’t are not familiar with internet security then you probably know even less about. The major problem with account security is the truth that hackers are trying even more than ever to hack accounts.

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About WoW

Welcome friends on my blog! Today more about World of Warcraft – one of the best games for everyone who like online adventures. Anyway I know that grinding can be totally boring, but grind, don’t doing tasks. Of course you can do every quest you desire – missions are fun and a huge part of World of Warcraft. If you decide to try to make some money, however, you have to grind mobs. Of course to play you need to get wow game card or wow prepaid card so this way you can subscribe yourself to World of Warcraft.

You don’t know what grinding is? Well, you find a spot with an impressive set of creatures that can be pulled one at a time and spawn over time much quicker than you can annihilate them. Greatest strategy is to find such point, and kill, kill, kill! Obviously I don’t need to mention, that you have to GRIND SOLO! Playing in the party is nice for quests and fun, but when you need to earn a lot of money, you need to just have to do it solo. Be aware that the choice of which class to play is constrained by the selection of race; every race has a different group of available classes to pick from. Often playing can be little bit complicated so the most important thing is to read all about helpful addons and check out guides. This way you can easily obtain all valuable information and play with fun. In my opinion you should think about getting some more friends, if you are currently playing in World of Warcraft.

Most fundamental game connected to World of Warcraft. It was my second MMORPG and I played probably largest in WoW, longer than in any different game or PC or PSX or whatever. For the first time i noticed it. There are melee or ranged dps (i love melee dps, I’ve got champion level 50 in Lotro). Like in wow prepaid card so you have to take it to get what you really want. At this time, there are two playable factions in World of Warcraft, the Alliance and the Horde, and every of them is comprised of five totally various races who can play a variety of different classes.

Also curiosities and everything valuable connected to this stuff like wow time card. World of Warcraft is still one of the best and the most popular game I ever saw so you know…

First guide for every MMORPG, is about some easiest to remember information at the start. Basics place for little grinding are camps of humanoids, as they tend to drop money as well as extremely interesting items like wow game card. Well you should also keep in mind that elites drop green, blues and purples at 4 to 5 times higher a rate than all non-elites mobs. Well, I am really familiar with World of Warcraft, because I was player for around 1 year that’s why I enjoy this game for real. Maple Story or RuneScape are maybe cool and free but I prefer nice entertainment using wow game card. Some classes (Shaman, Paladin, and Druid) were someday available to only single race within a faction.

Left 4 ...Dead

Welcome! Today hit! Yeah fantastic shooting game! Really fantastic and one of the best I ever saw! Why Im soooo excited??! If you have played someday in the Left 4 Dead you know what about this game is about. If not, I’ll try quickly explain it’s concept – you are becoming one of the four Survivors: Nick, Ellis, Coach and Rochelle, and trying to get from one point to another. Game is totally random, since spawns of zombies, first-aids. Well there is so much fun in this game you know...You can run, you can fight, you can beat almost everyone on your way without any problems! You can pick one of 4 difficulty levels but I prefer to play on a highest. It’s very, very hard but I think it’s the most interesting.

What’s totally new in the difference of the first part of the game is, are the melee weapons. Now we can fight trough the zombie hordes using katanas, machetes, frying pans(!), chainsaws and many, many more. I’m bored with other games you know, but I’m still far more happy then before. Of course I don’t like to play in games without players. Games like Bioshock are ok but I still prefer games like Left 4 Dead.
In my honest opinion, game is much greater than the first part, and totally worth of money. I didnt personally though, that it can be so good. Climax, storyline, the Survivors, Infected, gaming modes – It’s definitely on of the best online games I have ever been playing..

What can I say more? This is ultimate fun while shooting all kind of mutated zombie enemies :> if you aren’t so sure, you can try out demo version of this game.

Playing in Left 4 Dead or any other shooting game like Unreal can be really tiring so watch out you know. It’s probably hardest shooter I ever played in my life. If you are playing now in Aliens vs Predator, you should know that this game is far more easier then Unreal.I got nervous when I even watch him playing this game. What is interesting game has a lot to offer for everyone if you are skilled enough and patient enough.
See you again!

Welcome on my weblog

Today I would like to talk more about online games. Why? Because today it’s most popular genre of games. As a real and tough player ive seen a lot of great games in my life, but online games are really a lot better then single player - "Boredom" - yes, when someone once try these games...well everything is different.... World of Warcraft is also that kind of game, but for each month you need to pay a lot of money for playing – not everyone love these kind of things. Another interesting game is Warhammer Online but it’s another pay-for-play game just like WoW..but I found also other game called RuneScape. This online game is available for free, but you can also buy additional bonus account. This way your character can use all kind of interesting new items, visit new areas and fight with powerful enemies. RS is now most popular free mmo rpg available on the web, playing with others on the web is really fantastic thing. I meet few nice people while playing on the web, but of course some people were really stupid. Just like in life. Anyway life can be really weird sometimes...

Yes i like to play from time to time in great game called RuneScape it’s for free so i dont need to pay for subscription or box. Another great game is Left 4 dead. If you like games, this one is really great. Your objective is to travel across game map and fight against hordes of zombies. Yes it’s really very nice thing but very bloody sometimes ;) anyway if you like its easy on lower difficulty levels, but much harder on highest.

Playing games is fun but my spine is getting really ...hmm well hurts me :/ I must exercise more and do stuff like that, because I will be crippled in the future! Damn anyway see you again

Maple Story fantastic game!

Welcome! Today I would like to introduce, fantastic game for everyone (mostly younger players or anime fans love this game anyway) Maple Story, free MMORPG created by Nexon (from Korea). The players can fight against monsters and do some missions, in the process acquiring unique money - called “Mesos”, experience points, and cool stuff. Mesos Maple Story.
Maple Story has something around 92 million of subscriber on across the globe (most of players are from China).  Game is really amazing, it has over 4 years and 92 millions of gamers worldiwde! Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has around 300.000, World of Warcraft around 12.000.000, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar 200.000 and Maple Story....92.000.000! Well, these numbers are very interesting do they? Other popular free MMORPG is RuneScape (RS), created by pair of student from one university. Game is one of the top games, with around 14 millions of players.

If you are going to start playing, I would like to show you two terms – Mush and NX Cash.

>>> Mush – different hot and basic term, this one is from phrase - Mushroom. In Maple Story, there are many of mushroom mobs, and forms of them. Well, if you are fan of mushrooms, after playing in Maple Story, you will probably become one of their greatest enemies ;-). You can meet white, dark, red, orange, horned, blue etc. Well, mushrooms are in every place possible – I could say that Maple Story is big f…ing mushroom! Well, monster are really dull and each is similiar to previous one, but its still very good game and is free!
>>> NX Cash - Term for extraordinary NX Cash. You can use it to buy uncommon items you can’t get otherwise. They made up this currency, because you can only get these, by paying them using normal real life cash which you earn by blood, sweat or whatever. Maple Mesos are basic money. Anyway you can get that way, interesting Maple items. When you don’t have Maple Story Mesos, you can always get couple of NX Cash for real money. Well, I don't prefer these money, because you really need to spend a lot of cash to be "somebody" in Maple Story...
See you again!

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Welcome on my Gold News - Weblog! Today, few words about my most favorite MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I tell you, this game is like real gold! In WAR you can become one of many powerful characters, fighting in huge total conflict. Forces of Destruction vs. Forces of Order. Each side has great and unique classes - Careers - and races. You want to play as fancy Engineer who is throwing grandes in his enemies? You want to shoot or back stab your enemies as Shadow Warrior? There are 24 amazing careers and you can pick everyone. If you like hand to hand combat, you will love Marauder of Chaos or Dwarf Slayer with his large Axe. If you like ranged classes, you will pick Magus, Shadow Warrior, Ironbreaker, Swordmaster of Hoeth, Chosen of Chaos, Marauder of Chaos, Disciple of Khaine, Orc Choppa or Black Orc or Dwarf Engineer. If you would like to check out trailer for Warhammer Online, here you are :

(popular Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning trailer - Gold News admin)

Well, it’s MMORPG game just like World of Warcraft and game is very popular lately. It’s maybe expensive to pay 15$ per month of subscription (it’s pay for play game, you must pay for every month to play) but game is really fantastic and everyone can admit that game engine can be run on probably every computer, so you don’t need powerful PC. What else? Well, action action - just non stop action! Game is dynamic and very bad that you must pay for every month :/...Game is still one of the best and most interesting ones and it's probably the greates Plaver vs Player game relased lately. If you are willing to check out this game, you can download trial version of this game and test it on your computer. System requirements aren't to high so you should play with fun on your computer.

Uff that's all about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, if you love these kinda games you should try it out. World of Warcraft sucks compared to Warhammer Online :) it's my private opinion...

See you again on my Gold News - Weblog

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Happy New Year Friends!

Well, and we are in 2009! Yeah year 2008 is somewhere far, far away and we are proudly standing in 2009! Yes, Christmas this year were very nice and calm, we are right after new year’s party - that’s why I want to wish you all tons of love, real-true friendship and many occasion for laugh. Remember about your family, about love and everything will be alright. Family = gold. oferty konferencyjne

This year 2009 will be cool i tell ya. I feel this, in every corner of my heart! Calmness is real gold. Well I will be soon Warhammer Online but I’m not so sure about pre paid game card for this game :/ I don’t have much time for games and stuff like that...Heheh anyway real happiness is in us! We can be happy even if we are single or without cash you know. Of course it's important to have someone near your and money are very important but you know there is something more in life then just that. Of course I got some problems but life without it it's impossible you know. These problems are far more smaller then previous ones anyway. I play less, I'm working little bit more but I'm doing more gym and I feel relaxed most of the time. If you are looking for happiness you should find it in yourself you know. Sometimes we wish to meet someone and change our life but it's totally pointless. Ehh what can I say more? It was long and hard year for me but I'm glad that I'm finally here. A lot of pointless stress, running and other things like was to much for me but now I'm feeling a lot better you know...Why? When you think about your sadness - you are sad. You are everything, you think about. Life can be also full of joy. It's up to you. Remember you can change everything and this is my most courage thought! That why you should have a break from time to time my friend and eat something! I hope this year will be full of interesting things and experience. I'm only human but we should try to be more then just a human being...

I really hope this year can be successful then previous one, because i was really frustrated and this year was like huge rolercoaster or something like that.

See yaa


World of Warcraft tips part 3

While playing in World of Warcraft and mining stuff to later sell it, dont forget about questing and leveling up! You wont be able to mine better ores without having higher level, so keep that in mind. Also, do not focus only on selling ore - its good to sell also dropped linen, wool, silk and other clots, since you can make money also on these. Remember to make instances as well, since they are great source of cloth and greens drops, and also lot experience points, so there are only benefits from doing instances one or two per day. Intances are important part of every online game, not only world of Warcraft but also Lord of the Rings Online or other popular games. You can obtain rare items, like armors or weapons.

Its good to search for the group during the questing, because there are instances that are not popular and its really hard to find party to specified one, like Uldaman. Uldaman is big and long instance, so it makes it a bit non-popular one. So, after reading this text, what you need to do next? Go to the instance!

While being at level more than 10, is good to make some instances. Instances are also good way to get some level - those usual ones like Wiiling Caverns or Razorfen Kraul can bring you one level per instance. Its good, since there are also quests which also can give some extra cash, experience and nice prizes - higher level instances like Scarlet Monastery quests can give you very nice rewards.

And of course the most important and best part of instance is loot and various bossess. They can drop some very nice equipment, which can be really useful in your World of Warcarft adventures. What is best, having a good equipment and being in lot instances which really help you while being in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch or other battlegrounds.

World of Warcraft tips part 1

Welcome on my blog! Today something about Warcraft money! Well, in the northern Westfall you can easily grind linen and green items, which you can later sell on Auction House or in nearest capital city. If you’ve got already problem with gathering gold, linen or greens, this place is perfect for your suits - there, near windmill and ruined house, are 4-8 defias mobs with 12-13 lvl. They are respawning really, really quickly, so you dont need to wait for respawn. Whats best, you can just go from last killed defias to first one, because he already respawned. Now you just need to take all gathered loot(which is linen and greens) to capital city, put it on AH and wait for mail. What is so cool in all parts of the series? Its difficult to say but for me, all games are full of great characters, great music and fantastic story line. Of course World of Warcraft is game with characters without much storyline, its online game so you are creating history of your character, but game is still fantastic and you should check it out.

Or, if you need cash real fast, just yell in capital that you want to sell linen - you will surely get soon private message with question like „How much for stack?”. Same do with greens - just put on AH. And that way, you will get rich very, very fast. Dont forget, even if you dont need gold and you are tailor, enchanter or medic, this place is great for getting items for DE and linen cloth.

Of course there are other great tips for this great games, but now I would like to talk about this Warhammer Online - upcoming MMO. Well I know for sure that game will be released this year and if you like PvP you will recieve fantastic opportunity to play in this game before premiere! Just sign up for beta testing! If you are looking for more about Warhammer, you can check out some latest new on or other great news website. heh anyway I must go now, need to eat something and give something to eat to my cat. He is currently begging ;-)

See you again on my blog!

Tips for mmo players

This post is about games called MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games), so you main task is to improve your character and discover large and dangerous world of Final Fantasy.If you are beginner in mmo games you need few tips for good start ;-) first you need to know is all things related to your control panel. Check also all things related to control of your avatar, every shortcut will be very helpful in play. Generally you need to loot very fast and you need to add skills button in right place – during game and especially combat this is very good for you. Remember to buy elixirs of health and mana (if you can) and scrolls with spells – of course not to many, it’s very important to have large amount of free space in your backpack/inventory. Control free space, before you go out on raid, quest or things like that.

When you are on raid or in group try to control or take a look on loot options, sometimes players are cheating and guy who is a leader is master-looter and take all for himself. Especially in World of Warcraft and sometimes in Lord of the Rings Online – but in Lotro players are nice. In WoW…it depends on which server you are…

Anyway as we speak about Lord of the Rings Online: Shadow of Angmar, you should know that this game is one of the best released game in the genre of MMO RPG. Game is full of action, has fantastic gameplay, graphic engine, music and tons of other amazing features. What is really bad you must pay for each month of your subscription my friend. How much? Well just like when you play in World of Warcraft - around 15 $ a year or something like that. Another great upcoming game is called Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, but to play in this game you need to wait few month - game hasn’t been released yet....My favorite game is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and about gold, powerleveling and other money I will write next time but today I would like to add more about basics.

See you again!

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Welcome on my blog about MMo games! Just check from time to time, my blog to know more about Online Role-Playing Games! Greatest and most interesting news about MMO from web - right here, right now :-).

World of Warcraft is most popular game in genre of MMO RPG, it was created in 2004 by popular game company called Blizzard Enterteinment. After premire was big Ka-boom of popularity. Every one want to play in great, full of colours, adventure game. In World of Warcraft there are 2 sides of conflict, first one is Horde (Orcs, Undead, Taurens, Trolls) and second - Alliance ( Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves ). Each side is begining game on separete continent and world is called Azeroth. What more? Well, you need to play to find out. Game is one of the best game ever created and its currently top MMO RPG! Who knows how long game will be nr one? Maybe it’s last year of domination? Heh World of Warcraft it’s like coca - cola right now. You think World of Warcraft - you think MMO RPG, you think about MMO RPG - you think about World of Warcraft...

Haha as a gamer I’m kinda weird person i like to play in games but i don’t like to play to much with other players. I know this is weird when you are playing in online games, but i like to relax! I don’t like to run from place A to place B with bunch of players. Sometimes peoples are very unoying that’s why I like to play alone, and sometimes with others. It’s my type of play. I just like to travel, walk alone etc. I’m a loner or something like that. As a player you should know that this kind of stuff can be really addicting - I’m talking about MMO games. You need to have a break from time to time or you will lose a lot of energy and become addicted...

Games are interesting way to spend some time but you should also remember to go for a walk from time to time. If you are playing to much you can feel often very tired or in bad mood. I think best is to play around 2-3 h a day max or 4/2 days or something like that. If you are playing 10 hours, you should have a longer break.

Take care friends!

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