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Today I would like to talk more about online games. Why? Because today it’s most popular genre of games. As a real and tough player ive seen a lot of great games in my life, but online games are really a lot better then single player - "Boredom" - yes, when someone once try these games...well everything is different.... World of Warcraft is also that kind of game, but for each month you need to pay a lot of money for playing – not everyone love these kind of things. Another interesting game is Warhammer Online but it’s another pay-for-play game just like WoW..but I found also other game called RuneScape. This online game is available for free, but you can also buy additional bonus account. This way your character can use all kind of interesting new items, visit new areas and fight with powerful enemies. RS is now most popular free mmo rpg available on the web, playing with others on the web is really fantastic thing. I meet few nice people while playing on the web, but of course some people were really stupid. Just like in life. Anyway life can be really weird sometimes...

Yes i like to play from time to time in great game called RuneScape it’s for free so i dont need to pay for subscription or box. Another great game is Left 4 dead. If you like games, this one is really great. Your objective is to travel across game map and fight against hordes of zombies. Yes it’s really very nice thing but very bloody sometimes ;) anyway if you like its easy on lower difficulty levels, but much harder on highest.

Playing games is fun but my spine is getting really ...hmm well hurts me :/ I must exercise more and do stuff like that, because I will be crippled in the future! Damn anyway see you again

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