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Welcome on my blog about MMo games! Just check from time to time, my blog to know more about Online Role-Playing Games! Greatest and most interesting news about MMO from web - right here, right now :-).

World of Warcraft is most popular game in genre of MMO RPG, it was created in 2004 by popular game company called Blizzard Enterteinment. After premire was big Ka-boom of popularity. Every one want to play in great, full of colours, adventure game. In World of Warcraft there are 2 sides of conflict, first one is Horde (Orcs, Undead, Taurens, Trolls) and second - Alliance ( Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves ). Each side is begining game on separete continent and world is called Azeroth. What more? Well, you need to play to find out. Game is one of the best game ever created and its currently top MMO RPG! Who knows how long game will be nr one? Maybe it’s last year of domination? Heh World of Warcraft it’s like coca - cola right now. You think World of Warcraft - you think MMO RPG, you think about MMO RPG - you think about World of Warcraft...

Haha as a gamer I’m kinda weird person i like to play in games but i don’t like to play to much with other players. I know this is weird when you are playing in online games, but i like to relax! I don’t like to run from place A to place B with bunch of players. Sometimes peoples are very unoying that’s why I like to play alone, and sometimes with others. It’s my type of play. I just like to travel, walk alone etc. I’m a loner or something like that. As a player you should know that this kind of stuff can be really addicting - I’m talking about MMO games. You need to have a break from time to time or you will lose a lot of energy and become addicted...

Games are interesting way to spend some time but you should also remember to go for a walk from time to time. If you are playing to much you can feel often very tired or in bad mood. I think best is to play around 2-3 h a day max or 4/2 days or something like that. If you are playing 10 hours, you should have a longer break.

Take care friends!

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