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World of Warcraft tips part 1

Welcome on my blog! Today something about Warcraft money! Well, in the northern Westfall you can easily grind linen and green items, which you can later sell on Auction House or in nearest capital city. If you’ve got already problem with gathering gold, linen or greens, this place is perfect for your suits - there, near windmill and ruined house, are 4-8 defias mobs with 12-13 lvl. They are respawning really, really quickly, so you dont need to wait for respawn. Whats best, you can just go from last killed defias to first one, because he already respawned. Now you just need to take all gathered loot(which is linen and greens) to capital city, put it on AH and wait for mail. What is so cool in all parts of the series? Its difficult to say but for me, all games are full of great characters, great music and fantastic story line. Of course World of Warcraft is game with characters without much storyline, its online game so you are creating history of your character, but game is still fantastic and you should check it out.

Or, if you need cash real fast, just yell in capital that you want to sell linen - you will surely get soon private message with question like „How much for stack?”. Same do with greens - just put on AH. And that way, you will get rich very, very fast. Dont forget, even if you dont need gold and you are tailor, enchanter or medic, this place is great for getting items for DE and linen cloth.

Of course there are other great tips for this great games, but now I would like to talk about this Warhammer Online - upcoming MMO. Well I know for sure that game will be released this year and if you like PvP you will recieve fantastic opportunity to play in this game before premiere! Just sign up for beta testing! If you are looking for more about Warhammer, you can check out some latest new on or other great news website. heh anyway I must go now, need to eat something and give something to eat to my cat. He is currently begging ;-)

See you again on my blog!

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