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World of Warcraft tips part 3

While playing in World of Warcraft and mining stuff to later sell it, dont forget about questing and leveling up! You wont be able to mine better ores without having higher level, so keep that in mind. Also, do not focus only on selling ore - its good to sell also dropped linen, wool, silk and other clots, since you can make money also on these. Remember to make instances as well, since they are great source of cloth and greens drops, and also lot experience points, so there are only benefits from doing instances one or two per day. Intances are important part of every online game, not only world of Warcraft but also Lord of the Rings Online or other popular games. You can obtain rare items, like armors or weapons.

Its good to search for the group during the questing, because there are instances that are not popular and its really hard to find party to specified one, like Uldaman. Uldaman is big and long instance, so it makes it a bit non-popular one. So, after reading this text, what you need to do next? Go to the instance!

While being at level more than 10, is good to make some instances. Instances are also good way to get some level - those usual ones like Wiiling Caverns or Razorfen Kraul can bring you one level per instance. Its good, since there are also quests which also can give some extra cash, experience and nice prizes - higher level instances like Scarlet Monastery quests can give you very nice rewards.

And of course the most important and best part of instance is loot and various bossess. They can drop some very nice equipment, which can be really useful in your World of Warcarft adventures. What is best, having a good equipment and being in lot instances which really help you while being in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch or other battlegrounds.

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