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Happy New Year Friends!

Well, and we are in 2009! Yeah year 2008 is somewhere far, far away and we are proudly standing in 2009! Yes, Christmas this year were very nice and calm, we are right after new year’s party - that’s why I want to wish you all tons of love, real-true friendship and many occasion for laugh. Remember about your family, about love and everything will be alright. Family = gold. oferty konferencyjne

This year 2009 will be cool i tell ya. I feel this, in every corner of my heart! Calmness is real gold. Well I will be soon Warhammer Online but I’m not so sure about pre paid game card for this game :/ I don’t have much time for games and stuff like that...Heheh anyway real happiness is in us! We can be happy even if we are single or without cash you know. Of course it's important to have someone near your and money are very important but you know there is something more in life then just that. Of course I got some problems but life without it it's impossible you know. These problems are far more smaller then previous ones anyway. I play less, I'm working little bit more but I'm doing more gym and I feel relaxed most of the time. If you are looking for happiness you should find it in yourself you know. Sometimes we wish to meet someone and change our life but it's totally pointless. Ehh what can I say more? It was long and hard year for me but I'm glad that I'm finally here. A lot of pointless stress, running and other things like was to much for me but now I'm feeling a lot better you know...Why? When you think about your sadness - you are sad. You are everything, you think about. Life can be also full of joy. It's up to you. Remember you can change everything and this is my most courage thought! That why you should have a break from time to time my friend and eat something! I hope this year will be full of interesting things and experience. I'm only human but we should try to be more then just a human being...

I really hope this year can be successful then previous one, because i was really frustrated and this year was like huge rolercoaster or something like that.

See yaa


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