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Left 4 ...Dead

Welcome! Today hit! Yeah fantastic shooting game! Really fantastic and one of the best I ever saw! Why Im soooo excited??! If you have played someday in the Left 4 Dead you know what about this game is about. If not, I’ll try quickly explain it’s concept – you are becoming one of the four Survivors: Nick, Ellis, Coach and Rochelle, and trying to get from one point to another. Game is totally random, since spawns of zombies, first-aids. Well there is so much fun in this game you know...You can run, you can fight, you can beat almost everyone on your way without any problems! You can pick one of 4 difficulty levels but I prefer to play on a highest. It’s very, very hard but I think it’s the most interesting.

What’s totally new in the difference of the first part of the game is, are the melee weapons. Now we can fight trough the zombie hordes using katanas, machetes, frying pans(!), chainsaws and many, many more. I’m bored with other games you know, but I’m still far more happy then before. Of course I don’t like to play in games without players. Games like Bioshock are ok but I still prefer games like Left 4 Dead.
In my honest opinion, game is much greater than the first part, and totally worth of money. I didnt personally though, that it can be so good. Climax, storyline, the Survivors, Infected, gaming modes – It’s definitely on of the best online games I have ever been playing..

What can I say more? This is ultimate fun while shooting all kind of mutated zombie enemies :> if you aren’t so sure, you can try out demo version of this game.

Playing in Left 4 Dead or any other shooting game like Unreal can be really tiring so watch out you know. It’s probably hardest shooter I ever played in my life. If you are playing now in Aliens vs Predator, you should know that this game is far more easier then Unreal.I got nervous when I even watch him playing this game. What is interesting game has a lot to offer for everyone if you are skilled enough and patient enough.
See you again!

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